• Jamie Howell, Psy.D.
    Tom was highly recommended by a colleague. After looking at many examples of various web designers’ work, I confidently chose Tom. I have not been disappointed rather quite the opposite. Not only did he have great ideas to compliment my own, but he collaborated effectively with my branding designer to incorporate my logo, colors, fonts and other aspects of my brand into the site. He was open to feedback and making changes when needed. He was knowledgeable about SEO and design. He gave fair and helpful critiques, and he continues to give me the support and help I need to maintain and advance my website for my group psychology practice. All of my patients, employees and colleagues agree, my website is user friendly and aesthetically appealing! Thanks Tom!
    Jamie Howell, Psy.D.
    Aspire Psychology
  • Amy Langston, Senior Application Developer at Crafts Group, LLC
    Tom took over my position at OHSU. He is extremely conscientious, hard working, and thorough. He figured out the database, website and server configurations with limited help from me, and implemented ongoing improvements to the website and interactive applications. He was a pleasure to work with, and it is nice to visit the website and see it functioning even better than it did when I was there.
    Amy Langston, Senior Application Developer at Crafts Group, LLC
  • Lisa Williams, Associate Director of Digital Engagement
    Tom is gracious, kind, unflappable and deeply lives his values and convictions. He shines brightest when he has a problem to solve and he can singularly focus on aligning (sometimes difficult) stakeholders with his vision for making the web a better place.
  • Ruth Exley
    As the owner of a busy therapy private practice, I hired Tom to build a new website for our team in a short amount of time. I appreciated his attention to detail and overall responsiveness in communicating with me and updating the site. He made things easy, by not overwhelming me with detail but also asking the right questions. He had great suggestions as they pertained to the healthcare field and helped us keep the site clean, simple and optimized. We have seen a direct correlation in new referrals with the launch of the new site. I highly recommend Tom to small business owners especially in the healthcare arena.
    Ruth Exley
    Restore Therapy