Partnerships are rocketships

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W e are toaught to be self-reliant. We are taught to go it alone. But the businesses that I see doing well have one thing in common — they have partnered with other businesses. What makes a good partnership, and how do you go about creating one?

drawing and painting, in any art form, you don’t always have the whole picture in mind right at the start. Often we’re following the muse — the song is writing itself, and you’re following along, trying to facilitate the process. 

In business many times there’s a similar dynamic at play. When we realize something’s missing, there’s a tension there, between what exists and what we want to exist. 

Resist the temptation to quickly fill the space with the first idea, the first candidate, the first romantic possibility that comes along. We all have seen our friends rebound or rush into things when wisdom recommends a pause, a time of reflection. We need to take our own advice when we find ourselves doing the same thing. 

Gotta get that new website up! 

Gotta choose brand colors!

Gotta find a freelancer to write those blog posts! 

The signal

The beauty of website design is that we can iterate — every site is a living document. You’re never done.

Iteration and crappy first drafts are great.

But a little hammock time, “sleep on it” — all that advice is really wise.

You have a song in the works, but the bridge is a little boring. Yes! You’ve noticed the issue and it feels uncomfortable, but you are in the signal-catching phase. And it’s great that you were able to catch the signal.  Casandra Worthy. You have a speach ready, but need a better opening. Yes!

Let it be

Too blah blah blah…

An employee leaves on short notice. Can you cover for them for a week or two? 

Not to be confused with “too busy to plan,” or “too lazy to plan.”

Give your subconsciuos a chance to solve it


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