Looking to the future with Parkside Clinic

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W hen you look into the future, what do you see? Where do you want to be at this time next year, or in five years? How often do you look up from the work in front of you to see what’s on the horizon?

Parkside Clinic offers chiropractic and therapeutic massage. They wanted to engage more with their patients, so they brought us on board to write blog posts and manage their monthly newsletter. They were thinking long-term.

Back at Webwork for Good headquarters, we strategized about how best to approach the writing. What would help build relationships with current and former patients? We created personalities that would stand in for a few hypothetical Parkside patients, so it would be more like writing to a friend or a family member.

We decided on a series of posts that would include clinical procedures and specific ailments, but would just as often explore adjacent lifestyle topics. We wanted to engage with folks regardless of whether they were currently seeking healthcare treatment. Because sooner or later, we all need care or know someone who does.

Give first

Blog posts don’t grow on trees. Writing blog posts takes time, and if you don’t have the time, it costs money. Why spend that time or money up front, when there’s no obligation for the receiver to compensate you for it? Business is built on transactions. You give me this, I give you that. And so the give-first philosophy can seem counterintuitive.

It’s a lot less risky if money isn’t the only thing on your mind. If you have business goals that include helping people out, or leaving a legacy, give-first is a way to cover all your bases: “I’ll offer this value. If I make money, great. If not, then at least I’ll have helped some people.”

Even if you’re only considering your stack of coins, the coin of the day is attention. And it’s a buyers’ market. Each person only has a limited supply, and every day there are dozens of additional shouters asking them for more.  If you want their attention, you need to offer them something valuable for it.

What we did

With health care marketing, attempts at humor and levity can land wrong, and can even be insulting. We tried to keep the articles informative, energetic, hopeful, and entertaining but always respectful. Here are a few of the greatest hits:

The numbers

Web traffic is up 9% year over year, and visits to the blog are up 26%. Schedule an Appointment form submissions are up 17%.

Newsletter open rates are now at 44%, up 21% from the previous year. So far so good!

We can get you more visitors who talk to you, and talk to their friends about you. Contact us now to get on our calendar.